Non-Surgical Treatments for Shoulder Pain in Austin

February 4, 2022

Are you experiencing shoulder pain in Austin, Texas? Are you curious to know if non-surgical treatment options exist to treat your pain?

There are multiple non-surgical treatment options for treating shoulder pain in Austin. Whether caused by a shoulder injury or a chronic disease, your shoulder pain can be treated conservatively using a combination of methods, including medication, activity modification or physical therapy, and/or joint injections.

In this short post, learn more about these non-invasive treatment options for shoulder pain and find out how a professional shoulder pain doctor in Austin can help you!

Pain No More: Non-Invasive Treatments for Shoulder Pain in Austin

Shoulder Pain Medications

Shoulder pain medications for shoulder pain encompass both over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin for minor pain relief, as well as prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medications, oral steroids, and non-narcotic pain relievers for managing acute pain. You can work with a shoulder pain doctor near Austin to recommend the best medication for your condition—based on a full assessment of your shoulder pain symptoms.

Activity Modification & Physical Therapy

In addition to medication, your shoulder pain doctor in Austin may also advise you to modify how you do certain activities—such a standing, sitting, sleeping, or reaching—to help reduce your pain, as well as your risk for future injury. Depending on your condition, they may also recommend physical therapy to help you recover from a shoulder pain injury. Physical therapy can strengthen your shoulder muscles and restore a full range of motion, which can help lessen your shoulder pain and reduce your chance of re-injury.

Joint Injections for Shoulder Pain

If pain medication or physical therapy have proven unsuccessful in managing your shoulder pain or discomfort, joint injections like cortisone injections or platelet-rich-plasma therapy may be a viable solution for you. These minimally invasive procedures involve injecting fluids directly into the affected joint space to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Joint injection treatments for shoulder pain in Austin include both:

Cortisone Injections for Shoulder Pain

With Cortisone Injections, cortisone—a steroid medicine used to reduce inflammation—is injected into the shoulder to help help the inflamed tendon. This can help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by a shoulder injury, to great effect.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) for Shoulder Pain

PRP Therapy is a novel treatment option for managing shoulder pain that involves using a patient’s own blood to accelerate healing in a specific area. By creating a concentrated solution of platelet-rich plasma, which is then injected into the joint, PRP therapy can speed up the production of tissue-regenerating growth factors to accelerate the healing process—providing relief from chronic shoulder pain in a matter of weeks.

Surgical Options for Treating Shoulder Pain in Austin

Thankfully most cases of degenerative disc disease do not require surgery and can be well managed with conservative and interventional treatments. If surgery is the appropriate course, our Austin shoulder pain doctors can direct you to the best specialists for a consultation.

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