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Pain is much more complex than most people understand. It isn’t just your body’s response to stubbing your toe. A variety of medical issues can produce pain, and chronic pain can be particularly difficult to diagnose and treat correctly.

Pain is also a debilitating condition that can impact all aspects of someone’s life, making something as simple as a good night’s sleep or going for a walk extremely difficult. Our Kyle pain doctors appreciate the importance of physical health and mental well-being and understand how living with chronic pain can affect both of them.

For this reason, our Kyle pain specialists don’t just look at temporary solutions like pain pills. Instead, all of our pain management treatments target the root cause of our patients’ pain issues. Rest assured, your pain treatment plan will be designed to deliver both immediate pain relief and long term pain reduction for whatever kind of pain you are experiencing.

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Are you looking for advanced pain care in Kyle, TX? Need to see a Kyle pain specialist fast? You can easily schedule an appointment with our talented team of pain management doctors by filling out the form below. Not sure if we’ll treat your pain? Learn more about what we treat and how we treat it by checking out our pain conditions and treatments pages.

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"I've had very positive results from Greater Austin Pain. Everyone is very professional and seem genuinely concerned about my wellbeing."

- Richard B.
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"My back feels much better after much sciatica pain, Dr. Julia along with Dr. Bednar did great job, highly recommend them, very fast and professional."

- Johnny R.

Comprehensive Pain Management in Kyle, TX

Are you looking for pain relief in Kyle, Texas? Our Kyle pain care clinic is here to provide it! At Greater Austin Pain Center, our team of experienced Kyle pain management doctors are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care and compassionate support. We understand that living with pain of all types can be difficult and stressful, so we strive to offer the most comprehensive pain management services available.

From the latest in medical treatments to lifestyle changes, our goal is to help you achieve a better quality of life. And our staff includes physicians, nurses, and pain relief specialists who will work together to see that you receive the best care possible. Whether you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or simply want to heal from an injury, our team of Kyle pain specialists is dedicated to helping you lead a pain-free life!

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive pain management services or keep reading to find out more about our approach to pain treatment.

How We Can Help

Procedures & Injections

At Greater Austin Pain Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of pain care. Our Kyle, TX pain doctors offer a variety of different procedures and injections to help alleviate pain and discomfort. From trigger point injections to epidural steroid injections, our experienced team of medical professionals can help find the right treatment for you. We understand that these procedures may be intimidating, so our staff is here to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need.

Accident & Injuries

At Greater Austin Pain Center, we understand that accidents and injuries can be extremely traumatic and disruptive to your life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of pain treatments in Kyle to help you get back on track. Our team of experienced medically-licensed Kyle pain doctors can provide you with personalized care, from acute injury treatment to rehabilitation services. If you’re in pain from an accident or injury, let us help you find relief and get back to the activities you love. 

Pain Care Coordination

As the foremost pain care clinic in Kyle, we are absolutely committed to helping you manage your pain. Our team of expert medical professionals can provide you with comprehensive care coordination services to ensure you get the treatment you need. From specialized care to lifestyle changes, our team will develop an individualized pain care plan that’s tailored to your specific needs, and work with you to ensure you have the support and resources you need to manage your pain successfully.

No matter the level of pain you are experiencing, our pain care clinic in Kyle can provide you with pain relief solutions that work. From addressing the root cause to finding a personalized preventive regimen that works for you, we are here to help. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment and start your journey towards pain relief in Kyle today!

Chronic Pain Management

Our chronic pain management treatment options encompass a diverse range of procedures and therapies, designed to target the root causes of chronic pain and bring lasting relief. These treatment options include advanced techniques like nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, peripheral nerve stimulation, and more traditional methods such as medication management. Each patient's treatment plan is carefully crafted, considering their unique pain patterns, medical history, and personal preferences. 

Understanding that chronic pain conditions affect the body, mind, and quality of life, we at Greater Austin Pain Center emphasize the importance of holistic care. Our services therefore extend to include counseling and support for coping strategies, helping patients navigate the emotional and psychological aspects of chronic pain conditions.

We Treat The Following Pain Conditions in Kyle, TX

Top Conditions We Treat in Kyle

At our Kyle pain management clinic, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional care for a variety of pain-related conditions. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to improving your quality of life. We understand that living with pain can be challenging, and our goal is to offer effective, personalized treatment plans that address your specific condition.


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Our team offers expert care for arthritis, a condition characterized by joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. Greater Austin Pain Center employs a multidisciplinary approach, integrating pain management techniques such as medication and lifestyle modification advice. We focus on reducing inflammation, managing pain, and preserving joint function, with options like joint injections for more severe cases. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life and help you maintain an active lifestyle despite arthritis.


Back Pain

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Back pain can stem from a variety of sources, including muscular strain, herniated discs, or spinal arthritis. Our clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat these diverse causes of back pain. We use advanced imaging techniques for accurate diagnosis, followed by personalized treatment plans. Treatments may include medication, or epidural steroid injections. For chronic back pain, we explore innovative options like minimally invasive lumbar decompression or spinal cord stimulation, aiming to provide long-lasting relief and improved mobility.

Back Pain


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Migraines are complex neurological disorders characterized by intense, often pulsating headaches, frequently accompanied by nausea, light sensitivity, and visual disturbances. Our facility's approach to migraine management is comprehensive, involving identifying triggers, such as stress or certain foods, and developing strategies to avoid them. We offer a range of treatments from medication management, including both preventive and acute treatment options, to occipital nerve blocks and even ketamine infusion therapy. Our patient-centric approach aims to decrease migraine frequency and severity, empowering patients with effective coping strategies.


Neck Pain 

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Neck pain can result from stress, poor posture, or conditions like cervical spondylosis or herniated discs. At Greater Austin Pain Center, we provide a thorough assessment to identify the root cause of your neck pain. Treatment options vary from conservative measures like ergonomic adjustments to more advanced interventions such as nerve blocks or radiofrequency nerve ablation for persistent pain. Our holistic approach also includes educating patients on posture and lifestyle changes to prevent future neck pain episodes.

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain, whether from rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, or bursitis, can significantly hinder daily activities. Our team in Kyle specializes in diagnosing and treating various shoulder conditions. We offer a range of non-surgical options like anti-inflammatory medications, and activity modification. For cases where pain persists despite conservative treatment, we explore advanced procedures like shoulder joint injections or platelet-rich plasma therapy techniques. Our focus is on restoring function and alleviating pain, allowing patients to return to their normal activities as quickly as possible.

Shoulder Pain

We Also Treat…

Neck & Back Pain

Patients can seek treatment options from pain doctors for neck pain, back pain, tension headaches, migraines and other types of pain. Procedures and treatments can be either invasive or non-invasive, customized to each patient’s history and treatment plan.


Relieve joint pain, stiffness, or immobility from arthritis. Greater Austin Pain Center’s pain doctors work to relieve over one hundred diseases that affect the muscle and skeletal system.

Nerve Pain

We help manage nerve damage and pain symptoms as a result of diabetes, trauma, infection, alcoholism, chemotherapy, and other nerve damaging diagnoses. Treatment may depend on severity and underlying cause.

Our Kyle Pain Management Specialists 

Meet Your Board-Certified Pain Management Doctor in Kyle, TX 

Alan Silberberg, MD 

Dr. Alan Silberberg, the founder and lead pain management doctor at Greater Austin Pain Center, combines his medical and operational expertise with a rich educational background, having earned his undergraduate degree from Duke University and his medical degree from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He further refined his skills with an anesthesiology residency and fellowship training at the prestigious University of California, San Diego, in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Silberberg enjoys a diverse range of personal interests, including swimming, cooking, traveling, and most importantly, spending quality time with his wife and two daughters, demonstrating his dedication to both his career and family life.

Timothy Bednar, MD

Dr. Timothy Bednar, originally from Texas, is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University. He completed a General Surgery internship at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, and then pursued his Anesthesiology residency (2015) and Pain Medicine fellowship (2017) at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. When he’s not helping patients manage their chronic pain conditions, Dr. Bednar is passionate about running, scuba diving, and watching sports, and he cherishes moments spent with his wife and family.

Kristin Jarzombek, MD 

Originally from Grapevine, Texas, Dr. Kristin Jarzombek is a Grapevine High School alumna and a Texas A&M University graduate, where she excelled in Psychology, earning summa cum laude honors in 2010. She completed medical school in 2014 at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Outside of her career in pain care, Dr. Jarzombek relishes cooking, running, discovering the delights of Austin, and spending time with her husband and three children.

Johnathan Julia, MD 

Raised in the heart of New England, halfway between Boston and New York City, Dr. Jonathan Julia pursued his Bachelor of Science in Biology, focusing on Pre-medicine with a History minor, at Boston College, graduating in 2009. He then achieved his Master of Science in Physiology and Biophysics with honors from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., in 2011. Continuing at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Julia received his Doctorate of Medicine in 2016, also with honors, after dedicating an extra year to clinical research. Dr. Julia enjoys a dynamic lifestyle that includes playing and watching sports, cooking, traveling, and exploring Austin with his family and their dogs.

Alexander Hynes, DO 

Originally from Colorado, Dr. Alexander Hynes has also experienced life on the East Coast before settling in Texas in 2017. He achieved his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology, graduating magna cum laude from Colorado State University-Pueblo. Furthering his education, he obtained a Master of Biomedical Sciences from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and later pursued his medical degree at the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, completing several clinical rotations in New York City. In 2022, Dr. Hynes relocated to Austin, joining the team at Greater Austin Pain Center alongside Drs. Silberberg, Bednar, Jarzombek, and Julia. His personal time is filled with family activities, playing frisbee golf, cooking, and enjoying sports.


"I continue to love the service that I receive from these guys. They do a great job in making sure that I can manage my pain to the best of their ability, and continue to suggest other methods that could help even more. The people are very nice, and take the time to listen to you.  A big thank you everyone at the Greater Austin Pain Center!"

Bill T.

"My first time there, I found them to be very organized, professional and friendly.  Dr. Hynes was awesome, really took the time to explore issues and explain options and a path forward.  I am very happy with their services."

Linda I.

"Everyone is always very nice and courteous.  Dr. Julia is amazing! He is friendly, kind and caring and so easy to talk with.  All the office staff I have had contact with has always been courteous and kind as well. Would highly recommend coming here!"

Carolyn L.

"Amazing care!  Highly recommend.  Dr. Julia is so kind, thoughtful and skilled.  All of the staff deliver the best care.  From the front desk, the physician’s assistant, every person in the surgical center, everyone.  My pain is managed and I got my life back."

Carla W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your Kyle pain clinic located?

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The GAPC pain clinic in Kyle is conveniently located 4210 Benner Rd Kyle, TX 78640, just north of the Plum Creek Golf Course.

How can I make an appointment at the Kyle location?

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You can call us at (512) 298-1645 or fill out our contact form to make an appointment online.

What are the hours of your Kyle location?

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Our Kyle pain clinic is open Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm. 

What type of pain treatments does Greater Austin Pain Center offer?

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We offer a wide range of services including interventional pain management, sports medicine, and advanced pain care. We also specialize in a variety of treatments including spinal injections, nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, radio-frequency ablation, and more.

How experienced are your Kyle pain doctors?

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We’re proud to have a highly experienced team of pain specialists at our Kyle location, including many board-certified doctors who have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of chronic pain. Moreover, all of our physicians have years of experience in the field and are committed to providing quality care to all of our patients.

Questions related to your bill or insurance?

Please contact our billing specialists at (512) 298-1645.

The Number One Pain Relief Center in Kyle

Experiencing pain in Kyle, Texas? We’re proud to be the foremost medical pain clinic in Kyle, with our flagship location just a few miles from the city’s center. We treat patients suffering from both short term and chronic pain in and around the Kyle area, and are conveniently located close to some of Kyle’s largest hospitals. We’ll treat your pain so that you can get back to focusing on what matters most to you. 

For professional pain treatment in Kyle, choose Greater Austin Pain today!

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