What is Complex Regional Pain syndrome?

Complex Regional Pain syndrome (CPRS) is a term describing chronic pain in the arms or legs that can occur after an injury, surgery, or other trauma to the limb. 

How does Complex Regional Pain syndrome affect the body?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) can either be acute or chronic. It can either resolve on its own with short-term treatment or can become a long-term issue.


  • CRPS type 1 is usually caused by an injury to a limb such as a fracture, laceration, or other trauma to the extremity. It can also occur after surgery, crush injuries, or even strokes and heart attacks.
  • CRPS type 2 is similar to the above but is caused by a direct injury to a specific nerve. This is commonly referred to as “causalgia.”


  • Swelling of the affected limb
  • Sensitivity to light tough
  • Color change or hair growth change in the limb
  • Changes in the nail growth of the limb
  • Continuous burning or pain in the limb
  • Limited range of motion


Get Treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome at the Greater Austin Pain Center

The pain doctors at Greater Austin Pain Center are happy to offer interventional treatments to help alleviate pain caused by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Kyle, Texas. Complex regional pain syndrome is best treated with a combination of physical therapy, medications, and certain interventional treatments, and can be effectively treated with spinal cord stimulation or a more specific form of nerve stimulation, known as DRG (dorsal root ganglion) stimulation.

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Am I at Risk of Developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

CRPS can occur after any type of trauma to a limb and can be hard to predict. The reason behind why certain patients develop CRPS and others don’t is still poorly understood. It is important to seek early treatment if you think you are experiencing symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome.

If you think you have complex regional pain syndrome and live in Kyle, Texas or the surrounding areas contact us at the Greater Austin Pain Center to schedule an appointment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome preventable?

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Not necessarily. It is still poorly understood why certain patients develop CRPS after limb injuries.

What are the most common symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

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Ongoing burning and/or pain in the limb, swelling, sensitivity to light touch, and limited range of motion are early symptoms of CRPS. In later stages the limb may become pale or blue, experience hair/nail growth changes, or begin losing muscle. In severe cases CRPS can even spread to other areas of the body, including the opposite arm or leg.

Can it be treated?

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Yes, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be treated. If treatment is provided early, there is a good change of reversing the course of CRPS and preventing further involvement of the limb.

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Treat Your Complex Regional Pain Syndrome at Greater Austin Pain Center

At Greater Austin Pain Center, we take a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. At our pain clinic in Kyle, Texas, we don’t just diagnose your symptoms, but assess your overall health. 

During your initial consultation, we will take everything—from the grade of your slipped disc and symptoms, to your medical history, age, and health—into account when diagnosing your condition. From there, we can recommend a custom treatment plan made to combat your pain at the source, and ensure a swift and stable recovery.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome treatment in Kyle, or to learn more about our multidisciplinary approach to pain management!

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