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The Best Pain Management Doctors in Bastrop, Texas

Looking for a Bastrop pain clinic? Searching for pain relief that lasts?

Pain is a complex problem. Since pain caused in one area of the body can often affect other areas, it’s often difficult to manage. And, since it’s a highly subjective sensation, it’s difficult to reliably assess. The result: many physicians end up treating pain symptoms, while overlooking their source–causing their patients to switch from one doctor to the next, while only experiencing relief that’s fleeting at best.

At Greater Austin Pain Center, we treat pain differently, and are dedicated to your whole wellbeing. By taking the time to assess your conditions fully–while taking your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle into account–we can identify the true cause of your pain, and will work to develop a treatment plan to remedy it.

The Best Pain Doctors in Bastrop Are A Phone Call Away!

Don’t settle for lackluster solutions for your complex pain management problem! Go with the best! Call today to schedule your appointment with Greater Austin Pain Center, and to experience the difference the right pain specialist can make! Not sure if we can help? Learn more about our services on our services or treatments page.

Bastrop, Texas Pain Management That Really Works!

Do you experience chronic pain? Have you ever wondered what life would be like without it holding you back? With our comprehensive approach to pain management, we can help! Our caring and compassionate pain management doctors in Bastrop have the skills and experience to identify the source of your pain, and to recommend a holistic plan to treat it.

Pain doesn’t have to be lived with indefinitely. With the expert help of an advanced pain management doctor in Bastrop–you too can experience relief! And with our central Austin facility located just up the road, you can get the pain treatment you need whenever you need it!

Common Pain Conditions We Treat

Neck, Back & Leg Pain Relief Near Bastrop

We Treat:

  • Pain throughout the neck, back and legs
  • Weakness/numbness in the hands and feet
  • Cramping
  • Stiffness and immobility

Nerve Pain Relief Near Bastrop

We Treat:

  • Sharp, burning pain in hands and feet
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Loss of coordination

Causes of chronic pain Near Bastrop

We Treat:

Comprehensive Bastrop Pain Treatment!

At Greater Austin Pain Center, we’ve helped countless patients get the pain relief they deserve, and are here to help you too! With our extensive diagnostic process, we’ll help uncover the true cause of your pain, and utilize our multidisciplinary team of pain care physicians to recommend a treatment plan that benefits you. What’s more, unlike other clinics that jump at the first treatment that comes to mind, we’ll help you explore all your available treatment options, including surgery and non-invasive and alternative inventions.


"Truly exceptional doctor and staff. I felt Dr. Bednar’s compassion and kindness in every word and know that we have a solid plan to deal with the paralyzing pain so I can live again."

Carla M.

"Dr. Julia was not what I expected at this place. I could sense genuine concern for the chronic pains that I have suffered with for years. It was refreshing to listen to him explain the reasons for my pain, and that I could understand his explanations. I look forward to the next treatments he has planned for me, and the chance -hopefully- to get the pain under control. After nearly a dozen trips to ER this year, these solutions excite me."

Jesse S.

"Dr. Jarzombek is amazing! I love her sweet demeanor, knowledge, and caring personality. Her staff is attentive and do their due diligence to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients."

Barbara B.

Lunch & Learn With Our Doctors

Curious about Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation? Join our doctors for an in-person lunch and learn session to find out more about these treatments and ask any questions you may have. This event will be 12–1pm, sign up below to receive more details and RSVP.

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Visit the Best Bastrop Pain Clinic in Texas!

At the Greater Austin Pain Center, we know how unpleasant experiencing pain can be. That’s why we work so hard to provide the best service possible for all our patients. In addition to our comprehensive evaluations and custom treatment options, we go above and beyond to guarantee a world-class experience. With our top-tier amenities and friendly, accommodating staff, you can count on us to provide you with the best pain care experience possible!

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