How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

After getting several hours of beauty sleep, do you wake up with an overly stiff or sore neck? Men, women and even children can suffer from this debilitating problem.

It helps to know that neck pain, in most cases, will gradually ease and go away within a few hours. If the soreness intensifies, it may be in your best interest to seek professional medical care because chances are you have a stiff neck due to a serious underlying condition.

Causes of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

It does not matter if you are asleep on your soft bed or scruffy couch. You run the risk of getting a stiff neck whenever you sprawl out and remain dormant for a long time. This is especially true if your body is in an uncomfortable or strange position.

Failure to properly support your head and neck increases your vulnerability because your head and neck will be misaligned. A misalignment in the upper part of your spine opens the way for painful conditions to develop.

Causes of Neck Pain When Yawning

If you experience neck pain when yawning, you may have a problem with neck spasms. The involuntary contractions give rise to a painful sensation because they tighten and strain the muscles in your neck.

The main causes of neck spasms include poor posture, stress and awkward sleeping positions. What causes cervical myofascial pain? Generally, this condition will occur due to trauma, but overusing your neck muscles can also trigger it.

How to Heal Neck Pain

From your coworkers and customers to your family members and close friends, you would be surprised if you knew how many people were combating neck pain just like you. The good news is that at-home remedies are available, and some of them are proven to be effective. For starters, you can use massage therapy. Since stretching and manipulation can relieve tension and soreness, chiropractic treatments may help your situation.

Furthermore, invest in a mattress that is comfortable to your liking. When you buy pillows, do not focus solely on fluffiness. A big and fluffy pillow can be just as problematic as a flat cushion because it will push your head too far forward. Therefore, what you need is a pillow that provides adequate support. If you maintain proper spinal alignment, you will be less likely to develop neck pain from sleeping wrong.

The Bottom Line

If neck pain is robbing you of your joy and forcing you to sit on the sidelines, today is an opportunity to work with a pain management specialist. Greater Austin Pain Center specializes in pain management. Don’t hesitate to call for an appointment today.