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A Better Approach to Pain Management

The doctors at Greater Austin Pain Center take a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, providing lasting pain relief that's backed by modern research and techniques. We take a friendlier approach to your pain symptoms and management - any recommendations from our team only come after thoroughly listening to your medical history and with careful consideration for your wellbeing. Visit one of our convenient pain clinics in Austin, Kyle, Dripping Springs, or San Marcos today.

Pain Management in Austin, Kyle, San Marcos and Dripping Springs

At Greater Austin Pain Center, we help minimize pain from multiple causes such as work injuries, surgeries, and chronic pain conditions, from muscle, skeletal, joint, and nerve damage. Our pain management techniques will help you find pain relief that lasts.

Neck & Back Pain

Patients can seek treatment options from pain doctors for neck pain, back pain, tension headaches, migraines and other types of pain. Procedures and treatments can be either invasive or non-invasive, customized to each patient’s history and treatment plan.


Relieve joint pain, stiffness, or immobility from arthritis. Greater Austin Pain Center’s pain doctors work to relieve over one hundred diseases that affect the muscle and skeletal system.

Nerve Pain

We help manage nerve damage and pain symptoms as a result of diabetes, trauma, infection, alcoholism, chemotherapy, and other nerve damaging diagnoses. Treatment may depend on severity and underlying cause.


"Dr. Silberberg has provided me with great care. He was able to give me a name for the painful, bedeviling symptoms I have. Even better he knows how to treat it. After 6 years, finally someone who knows what they are doing."

Katharine M.

"The procedure staff are caring and really listen to you when you express concerns or share what works best for you. Dr. Bednar does his best to make you feel comfortable, important, and that your care and comfort is his main concern."

Glenda R.

"Just got my first epidural in my neck and let me say I was so nervous about it until I walked into the office. The front desk ladies are so amazing, sweet and helpful. And the same with Kristen and all her staff in the back, they made me feel 100% comfortable the entire time. Thank you!"

Hannah M.

"Dr. Julia is the best! The staff is professional and friendly to all. Best of all, Dr. Julia is finding solutions for my chronic pain! Never thought that it would be possible.  It's a journey for me, but it seems like there is a solution."

Nancy M.

"Dr. Julia was not what I expected at this place. I could sense genuine concern for the chronic pains that I have suffered with for years. It was refreshing to listen to him explain the reasons for my pain, and that I could understand his explanations. I look forward to the next treatments he has planned for me, and the chance -hopefully- to get the pain under control. After nearly a dozen trips to ER this year, these solutions excite me."

Jesse S.

"I am so relieved I could cry! Finally a pain specialist who listens, cares, and wants to help! Dr. Alan Silberberg has given me so much hope! As someone who has seen pain specialists for decades in different states, this is where you want to come. You NEED him in your life! My only regret is not coming in sooner."

Sarah Jean C.

"Truly exceptional doctor and staff. I felt Dr. Bednar’s compassion and kindness in every word and know that we have a solid plan to deal with the paralyzing pain so I can live again."

Carla M.

"Dr Bednar is truly a caring, kind, patient physician who does everything within his expertise to provide the best healthcare to his patients. There is no one my husband and I would trust more in caring for my husband thru his many chronic back issues. The staff at both offices definitely reflect Dr. Bednar's caring, efficient manner and are always most helpful as well."

Linda R.

"Everyone is always very nice and courteous. Dr. Julia is amazing! He is friendly, kind and caring and so easy to talk with.  All the office staff I have had contact with has always been courteous and kind as well. Would highly recommend coming here!"

Lesley C.

"Dr. Julia is absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking pain management. Very compassionate, personable, qualified and caring!"

Lauren B.

"I have received treatment for back pain for about a year now. Very happy with this facility and Dr. J is Awesome! Looking forward to the new facility opening up this year next door. Keep up the great work!"

Billy M.

"The staff is very friendly and I was seen on time. The intake process was seamless and efficient. Dr. Jarzombeck is always very kind and thorough in her explanations. These folks are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Greater Austin Pain Center and Dr. Jarzombeck!"

Kim D.

"I was finally able to get my Stim Wave implant. The surgery center staff was great, so kind. Dr. Bednar spoke with me briefly before my procedure and this was very reassuring.  He is so professional and truly cares about his patients. I can't thank him enough for his expert care!"

Brenda F.

"Dr. Jarzombek is very proactive in treating your pain. She and the rest of the staff are very willing to look for solutions to your pain, whether that is a procedure or medication. However, they never push you into it. They respect the patient's opinion. They have helped me very much with my chronic pain conditions."

Amy O.

"Dr. Jarzombek is amazing! I love her sweet demeanor, knowledge, and caring personality. Her staff is attentive and do their due diligence to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients."

Barbara B.

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How We Help

Procedures & Injections

Pain management comes in different forms, tailored to each patient’s needs. Pain caused by traumatic injuries or overextensions are candidates for non-invasive procedures. At Greater Austin Pain Center, you can explore different interventional options, such as joint injections, spinal cord stimulators, and kyphoplasties.

Accident & Work Injuries

Our pain clinics specialize in pain management for auto accident injuries. We accept referrals from physicians and personal injury attorneys for cases involving whiplash, muscular tension, strained muscles, headaches, neck and/or back pain, and other common injuries related to car accidents.

Pain Care Coordination

Our pain care recommendations do not come before extensive research and diagnosis. We take time to listen to each patient’s medical and pain history to provide the best pain management option from medication, physical therapy, behavioral health therapy, and physician referrals to ensure continuity of care.

People often experience different levels of pain that need different types of pain care management.
We can help you find a customized pain relief regimen that addresses the root issues. Please contact one of our pain clinics today to schedule an appointment!
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People often experience different levels of pain that need different types of pain care management. We can help you find a customized pain relief regimen that addresses the root issues. Please contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations in Austin, Kyle, Dripping Springs, and San Marcos!

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