Pain Care Coordination

Greater Austin Pain Center

When it comes to managing your pain, you want a doctor who cares about your health and well-being as a whole. Dr. Alan Silberberg is well known for taking the time to listen to each patient’s history and concerns before recommending a pain management treatment plan that will produce the best possible outcome.

Dr. Silberberg knows that interventional pain procedures may only be one of several effective treatments for your pain. He will coordinate your pain care, through careful management of pain treatments and procedures he performs himself, in addition to treatments from other top specialists who work closely with Greater Austin Pain Center.

Your recommended pain treatments may include:

Medication Management

Successful pain management should ultimately reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication. Dr. Silberberg will monitor your medication intake and symptoms before and after other treatments to ensure that your dosage is appropriate and you are receiving the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Physical Therapy

Dr. Silberberg believes physical therapy is an important part of treatment for many conditions that result in acute or chronic pain. We work with several local physical therapists who follow our treatment recommendations and keep closely informed of your progress.

Physician Referrals

For other medical specialties relating to your condition (e.g., neurology, orthopedics), Dr. Silberberg will provide referrals to recommended specialists who work closely with our office for continuity of care.

Behavioral Health

Pain can have an enormous effect on your emotional and mental health. Behavioral health therapy can be an important part of pain management, and Dr. Silberberg will refer you to an experienced professional to assist you in recovery.

If you live with pain, trust the doctor who has your best interests at heart. Call Greater Austin Pain Center to receive the best in pain management care. You can reach our friendly staff at (512) 298-1645 or request an appointment online today. Dr. Silberberg can see you at our offices in Austin or Kyle, Texas.

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